Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

Android 10, upgradable to Android 11, MIUI 12.5

Xiaomi Note 10 Pro
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Android 10, upgradable to Android 11, MIUI 12.5
Android 10

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Xiaomi Note 10 Pro

This is back with another video on the redmi note pro and today in this video i’m gonna be showing you a complete flashing guide on the redmi note 10 pro and in this video i’m gonna be explaining how can you move from stock miui to a custom rom and when you have locked bootloader of course you need to unlock the bootloader first then install a custom recovery then install a custom rom so let’s begin so as you can see here i have my redmi note 10 pro and i have added my me account and stuff over here and i’m guessing you have added your me account on the device too so once you have added your me account make sure you have enabled developer options to do that you just go to your about phone and from here you just tap on this miui version seven times to enable the developer options once you have done that go to your additional settings and from here just go to this developer options then you will find this oem unlocking option over here make sure you have enabled this one and then from here if you scroll down you will get this me unlock status then you just agree and make sure you have added your account over here if you have not done that you will not get the permission over here and yeah you just right now need to go to your pc and go to en.ui.com unlock to download the unlocking software and before proceeding any further make sure you have backed up all the files all on all your accounts because if you have not done that it will be wiped after the bootloader is unlocked so make sure you have backed up everything from your device and some of you guys do ask me from time to time that how do i backup everything so let me show you even in me why i use cloud backup that is the google cloud backup and for that you just need to go into the settings of like normal miui and then you go to the additional settings then you swipe down and then go back up and restore and from here just scroll down again then from here check like into your google account and then you just click on backup now and that backs up everything as you are noticing i just backed up everything like just 12 minutes ago and of course i use whatsapp cloud backup too for the whatsapp chats and media stuff and this google app data backup includes your call log then your contacts your messages everything so as i have backed up everything on the device and added the me account and stuff first we need to install this universal led drivers you just go to this xd thread i’ll link it below of course the version 143 i’m gonna install this is the latest one and you just click here below download you just click here on this xda mirror you will get a zip file and of course you can extract it with winrar once you do that this is the folder that you will get it says adb setup 1.4.3 and once you open it you will get this exe file so you just double click on it and it shows this blue kind of window and with this you just type y over here that means yes and press enter then it says install adb system wide you just press y again and press enter and it is installing the adb drivers and then do you want to install device drivers and you just press y and enter then it will show a window like this and you just click next and then finish and all done so that’s how you get your universal adb drivers installed on your pc or laptop and it has been almost seven days as you are noticing it is 22nd april right now so i think i can unlock today so right now let’s try this and let me just like boot into the fastboot mode by just holding the volume down and the power button together so as you are noticing i am into the fastboot mode i just have a case over here on the redmi note 10 pro so i’m gonna plug in this usb port the usb type-c port is connected to the pc over here of course so right now what i’m gonna do is i have these four folders if you’re noticing we have the orangefox recovery zip file as of round and i have extracted that already but before everything i need to unlock the bootloader so for that i will open this batch unlock tool again and as you can see it has detected the device it shows sweet in and it shows the serial number and it says locked so you just need to sign into your me account and stuff from here for this me unlock tool this is how the latest me unlock 2 looks like as you’re noticing this is the version 5.52 to 4.24 and stuff so you just select this and click on unlock and make sure you have backed up everything you can because everything in your internal storage will be wiped so seems like it is unlocking and it is rebooting the device if you are noticing and it shows the miui logo on the device so that simply means it has unlocked the bootloader i am hoping so and hopefully it will show you a setup wizard if it’s like unlocked so that simply means your storage is like totally wiped and everything has been formatted and you just need to set up your device again okay so i have activated the device over here by connecting it to my me account and here i’m just not gonna set up the device i’m just gonna press the volume down and the power button again to boot into fastboot mode because we are gonna simply install the orangefox recovery so we are into the fastboot mode again so i’m gonna keep the device over here and as you are noticing in the me unlock tool right now it shows the device is unlocked and it shows the suite in over here so right now all the work is on this over here in the orange works folder so this is the zip file of orangeworks r 11.1 as you are noticing and here i have extracted the folder so and i have the recovery file over here so here we are gonna hold shift on the keyboard and then right click and then open powershell window here once you see this window you just type fastboot flash recovery space you can drag this recovery.img file or just write here again recovery.img so i am going to type here recovery.img so as you are noticing fastboot flash recovery space recovery.img since this recovery image you are seeing here and it could be any name over here you can rename it to anything like r dot img or something for convenience then you just hit enter and it is done the recovery writing process is done so right now again on the device i’m gonna hold the volume up and the power button together to boot into the recovery mode and once you feel the vibration you can leave the buttons and as you are noticing we are booting into the orange box recovery and here if you are noticing i’m seeing the fox folder over here and let’s open this window over here so it does not actually show me this fox folder or anything so it is not showing me the internal storage on the pc for some reason so i’m gonna do one thing that i’m gonna go to wipe then select format data and i will type yes formatting data is done so right now i’m gonna go into the reboot section and just reboot the recovery once so right now as you can see we are booted into the recovery and after formatting data it is showing the internal storage on the pc so right now we are not yet done with the flashing process of the recovery so for that we need to copy this orangefox zip file over here i’m just copying this orange.zip file as you can see so you need to just like tap on backups or something then just go to the files then you can see the orangefox file over here so right now i’m gonna select the orangefox zip file and then here you will see some options like reboot after installation and stuff you don’t need to select those and unmount system and vendor is like selected over here make sure you have these selected do not like uncheck these two now you can just swipe to install so this is how you will get the orange box recovery totally installed on the device you need to flash the image file first with fastboot then you just need to flash the zip file and make sure you format the data in the meantime so as you can see right now it has been like successfully installed and right now let’s just put the device over here and let’s copy some more files so from the internal storage let’s just delete this orangefox file from here because we have already installed that we don’t need it anymore i’m gonna flash the arrows that is why i have selected arrow os over here let’s just copy this arrow os over here this is the 17th april 2021 build and it includes the gaps and stuff so you should not worry about that so right now you just select the rom file and you just click on reboot after installation and here you can just swipe to install and again this build includes the g apps over here so i’m not flashing any separate g apps and as we are done with the like files moving over here you can just like remove the usb cable you should not worry about anything and it is rebooting the device right now because the flashing has been done successfully so as you are noticing it is showing us the boot animation of ad os so hopefully we will boot fine because i have formatted the data once already so let me just continue with the setup from here and i’ll select the language over here let’s click on start and i already have the sim card and stuff over here so it will set up everything like the sim cards network and stuff so right now it’s time that i set up my fingerprint scanner over here so as you are noticing it is actually working fine over here with my index finger of my left hand and let’s add this thumb over here too taking quite a bit long to actually set up the frame scanner over here so yeah seems like we have successfully completed the setup of arrow s well the colors over here are not looking that much vibrant i’m not really sure why but we’ll find out let’s go into the display settings and here the colors are set to adaptive okay so with boosted the color seems to be normal let me see yep with boosted the color seems to be normal over here let’s go into the settings again and in the display settings okay so we have the switch your display refresh rate to 120 hertz option so that is good that it is like enabled by default over here and everything seems to be working super fluidly and in the display settings you will see the double tap to wake the enable blurs option then we have the screen timeout and stuff i’ll show you a totally a whole video on this arrows particularly and this is how the android version section looks like we have the arrows logo up top and the device shows as sweet or the redmi note 10 pro and let me just reduce the brightness a little bit so that you guys can see it better the security patch is latest off april 5th 2021 the stock kernel is the perf g kernel the build rate here is 17th april 2021 in the system panel we already do get a system updater so that is great and here we have the developer options and stuff and the default keyboard here is g board let me go back into the gestures here we also have the gist navigation and stuff for the full screen gesture of course and you can customize the gesture bar length over here so that is good so yeah everything seems to be working amazingly well and let’s see we have a stock camera okay so this is a very basic kind of camera that is the old kind of google camera i don’t like it much but yes this is the camera that you get like by default over here so first impressions i would say this rom is gonna rock on the redmi note 10 pro pretty much and that is how you can install a custom rom on your redmi note 10 pro and let’s also check if the volte calling and stuff is working you in english okay so here we also have the record option too so that is great and also the volte calling and stuff everything is working fine here and right now let me just quickly show you the thing with scanner speed of this rom and as you can see i’m just tapping on this fingerprint scanner and it is unlocking this blazing fast just notice let me try with my thumb over here and let’s just see okay so this is a very like good figment scanner unlocking speed for a custom rom that is like this early for a device and to remind you again this device has launched last month so guys that is how you install the latest aeros or any custom rom pretty much you can install with this similar method on the redmi note 10 pro so even in orange box recovery and the twrp recovery both for the redmi note 10 pro it has a bug right now that you cannot access the internal storage if you are into the recovery and for that you just have to format the data otherwise there is no way you can access the internal storage when you have booted into a rom so that’s how it is so for flashing i would say just like use a usb pendrive or something with a usb otg that will help a lot and you can access a usb like otg drive over here easily and you cannot simply access the internal storage like see i have some files over here that i just moved on the internal storage but only it shows the fox folder over here in the internal storage so this bug you might face on your device too and this is to inform you guys again that the internal storage problem is there and even if i connect the usb cable to the pc right now even when i’m in the recovery when the mtp is enabled i cannot simply access the internal storage so yes this is still a bug and it might be fixed in the future updates but as of right now that is just not happening and you have to like use the recovery just like this and you can only flash through a usb otg drive when you are not formatting data when you just formatted the data you can access the internal storage warrior and move files from your pc but once you hit that reboot to system button then you cannot like simply use the internal storage on your pc again unless or until you just format the data again for that session it will work but once you boot it’s just not gonna work yes i can access the internal storage from air os itself and when i’m booted into the rom i can access the files totally but for the recover is only this is a bug again so right now i’m gonna say that use a usb otg drive like this and that’s gonna help and please hit the thumbs up button if you like this process and if you want your friends to know about installing a custom rom on the redmi note 10 pro do share this video with your friends and please subscribe to the channel if you have not yet this is tito from kdentaix signing off for today and i’ll be catching you guys in the next one bye now

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How to install Xiaomi Note 10 Pro?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Install the Split APKs Installer application

3. Open the application and click on "Install APKs".

4. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

5. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

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